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Wow. July 7th. How time has just flown. I am so excited. Today is my first birthday. The day my very first book gets published at Eternal Press. I am over the moon. Thanks Eternal Press for making a dream come true. Here’s an excerpt to stir up the romance:

Guardians of Desire

“Andrea strode into the darkened apartment. The small flame of a match
flared as she lit the three candles on the bedside table, the candlelight
bathing her quarters in a soft orange glow. The single room with its
double bed taking up most of the space and a small bathroom off to one
side was more than sufficient for her needs tonight.
Turning to Karl who was hovering in the doorway, she pulled a
jewelled comb from her hair and felt her locks cascade around her
shoulders. Karl blushed. She smiled. This is going to be exceptionally easy.
“Mon cher. No need to be shy. Come.” She held out her hand and Karl
stepped towards her. The wet heat radiating from his palms showed his
nervousness. She stepped up to him and cupped his face. Then she
slowly drew him towards her and his lips parted.
Embers of passion glowed within her. She ached for him but she
would have to be patient, to coax him, to tease him, to lead him gently
into the abyss of desire. He was a frightened rabbit and she needed to
release the tiger within him. She could feel his lust grow and press
against her. She leaned in towards him, knowing the pressure of her
body against his would fuel his need.”

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